My name is Alex Breck and I will be guiding you through your journey.

Let me tell you how I got to where I am today. I used to never be content with how my body looked. I grew up much skinnier than my classmates and was even bullied because I had smaller arms than girls on the soccer team at my school.

I later transferred to a prestigious all male athletic high school where all of my class mates were much bigger than me. Out of my own fear I began to lift weights to catch up. I began falling in love with weight training, nutrition, muscle growth, and exercise biomechanics to the point where I would stay up all night studying academic journals, studies, fitness videos, and nutrition books.

I later came to The Ohio State University and started taking nutrition courses and became a certified personal trainer which led to me winning “Rookie Personal Trainer of the Year”.

Fast forward, I can say I have created a body I never thought I would achieve. This past year I set the goal to step on a bodybuilding stage which I coached myself and took 2nd in my class. Let me take you through the same science-backed workout and diet principles that I apply every single day to build a strong, powerful and lean physique.


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